Asenlix 30mg – 60 Capsules per box

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Asenlix 30mg is the brand name for Clorbenzorex which also is marketed under Dinintel, Finedal or Rexigen. This drug is used as an appetite suppressant.

Brand Name: Asenlix

Generic name: Clorbenzorex

Manufacturer : Sanofi aventis

Dosage: 30 mg

Form: Capsules

Packaging: Box of 60 capsules


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4 Packs 175.00$
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Asenlix 30mg

Asenlix 30mg is a weight management pill that has been asserted to intensify the metabolic rate, as well as repress hunger pangs. Initially meant for the consumption of women and men, athletes began to take this product because it enhanced their reflexes, alertness and states of mind. With its rise in popularity, it gained the nickname “greenies”, because of the color that the diet pill came in. The generic name for Asenlix is clobenzorex.

Asenlix 30mg is a weight management pill that is claimed to increase the metabolic rate while simultaneously limiting hunger pains often experienced due to a decrease in eating.

Asenlix 30mg is the brand name for Clorbenzorex which also is marketed under Dinintel, Finedal or Rexigen. This drug is used as an appetite suppressant. Asenlix is a class of anorectics (weight loss drugs) stimulant to the nervous system consisting of an nitrogen-substituted amphetamine analog that is converted through digestive enzymes into a true amphetamine.

How asenlix works ?

Asenlix was created to provide an increase in energy along with a noticeable decrease in appetite. The purpose is to encourage the user to eat less without having the side effect of energy loss due to the reduced food consumption. Due to its ban in the United States, there is little information online regarding dosage.

However, the recommended dose seems to be no more than 4 pills each day. It is unclear if the pills are meant to be taken with water, with a meal, or on an empty stomach.

Clobenzorex, Asenlix’s sole ingredient, has been shown to be a powerful appetite suppressor and capable of providing significant boosts in energy and adrenaline so that the body will not feel the effects of under-eating. These effects are created in the brain.

Clobenzorex tricks the brain into thinking that the person is “full” by blocking brain signals indicating hunger and blocking hunger pains. The result is a satisfied feeling, coupled with a sensation of alertness due to Clobenzorex’s chemical makeup as an amphetamine.

Side effects of Asenlix

Asenlix can cause a variety of side effects including:

Dry mouth
Difficulty sleeping
Increased heart rate
In addition to the more common side effects reported while using Asenlix, the drug has also been known to cause positive blood tests for amphetamines. After being metabolized in the body, a small amount of amphetamines can be detected in the blood, causing positive test results.

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